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About cooperatives

What is a cooperative house?

A house where students live and work together to promote friendship, leadership, and life skills. Cooperative houses have between 14 and 60 members which share responsibilities such as cleaning and preparing meals to maintain a comfortable living environment. Members of the cooperative houses have between 3 and 5 hours of house duties a week.

What is Recruitment?

A time when cooperative members showcase their houses and invite prospective members to come and learn more about joining a cooperative.

How many cooperative houses exist at Purdue?

There are 11 houses– 7 women, 4 men.

What is the average rent in a cooperative house?

Depending on the house, rent is about $350-450/month. This fee typically includes all utilities, room, and meals. House bills are only paid eight months out of a year.

What is the new membership process?

The new membership process is a time when new cooperative members learn about his or her house, the cooperative system as a whole, and Purdue. The new membership process occurs during the beginning of the fall semester and lasts no more than 14 weeks.

Does hazing occur in cooperative houses?

Hazing is not tolerated in the cooperative system. Members of cooperative houses are made aware of University Regulations pertaining to issues such as hazing. Each house abides by strict guidelines set forth by the University and Purdue Cooperative Council. Purdue Cooperative Council also provides many avenues of communication so members can feel comfortable reporting incidents that may seem questionable.

How are cooperative houses different

from Greek organizations?

The cooperative system is a much smaller community (11 houses vs. 70+ chapters) than the Greek system. Cooperative houses do not have national affiliations, like fraternities and sororities. House management revolves around the members, unlike greek organizations who tend to hire full-time employees. As a result, cooperative houses are much more economical than fraternities and sororities ($400/month rent vs. $500+/month).


How can I join a cooperative house?

Recruitment occurs during two weekends in January and/or February of every year. Houses do accept boarders year-round, if there is a vacancy. Contact the Office of the Dean of Students at 765-494-1231 with any questions.

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